What to Take ?

We will supply you with a comprehensive list of all you need to take – or consider taking well before your departure date, so won’t overload you with lists now.

However, five do’s, and please excuse us if we are teaching grandmothers to suck eggs:

Do pack everything into one suitcase (preferably soft form) and a weatherproof daysack (small rucksack) each. We transport your luggage, and large rucksacks are difficult for flights and cars.

Do invest in “tech” clothing – light, waterproof, breathable, quick drying etc – and good boots.

Do simplify your “tech” equipment if you can: for example, can you get communications, internet access, entertainment, music and books all on your smartphone? There’s plenty of space in your luggage for a Kindle, but do you need to take 3 or 4 books?

Do choose comfortable clothing for evenings too – usually people dress casual, or at most smart casual, but you are staying and dining in quality hotels.

Do remember that while you are enjoying some of the most unspoilt and magnificent scenery and landscapes in the world, and walking for hours without seeing another soul, you will be staying in villages and towns with shops that have most of the things you might need as replacements, or if you’ve forgotten stuff. After all, you are in France and Spain!