Your Safety & Security Are Our Priorities

Nobody is able to provide as much support, or have as many human and physical resources available to help if needed, as we can.

Here’s five facts :

  1. La Balaguere has invested 35 years in building up a network of trusted suppliers, partners and staff. No other company has the depth or breadth of resources we include as part of the holiday package.
  2. Nobody knows the Pyrenees as well as we do, so we ensure you visit the right places at the right time of year, and that you have the best possible experience. You can trust us to ensure you stay in the best villages and towns, and the right hotel in those places. You can also be sure that as a guest of Purely Pyrenees/La Balaguere, hoteliers, drivers etc you will be treated as well as possible.
  3. We not only provide a 24/7 phone contact with someone who speaks English fluently, but we have the resources to follow through with necessary actions because, in the end, it’s actions not words that often count.
  4. We provide you with booking security by being members of trade associations that protect your consumer interests, and ensure that your money is as well protected as you personally are.
  5. Equally, we are committed to protecting the environment, and have a leading role in determining policy and practice when it comes to walking, cycling and staying in the Pyrenees. It is in all our interests to ensure the Pyrenees is her to be enjoyed for generations to come.