The Joy Of Electric Cycling

You can enjoy cycling independently in the Pyrenees anytime between April and early November almost anywhere, but to make the cycling even more comfortable and enjoyable – and enable you to travel further and see more - we offer electric bikes as an option – or as standard – on all our cycling holidays.

Just in case you’re not sure about them, here’s three facts you might like to know:

  1. You have to keep pedalling! They make it easier, but the primary source of power still comes from your legs.
  2. Electric bikes these days are light, so there is no heavy engine to hold you back!
  3. They last all day, and are easily recharged overnight everywhere you stay. Just plug in, and forget about it.

We also offer you a choice of bikes at the beginning of the holiday to make sure you get a bike that is just right for you – and right for your itinerary.

None of our itineraries involve steep, Tour de France type climbs as we stick to valleys and foothills, which between them get you to many of the highlights of the Pyrenees with ease – or we include vehicle transfers for any potentially “painful” sections.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that we offer 24/7 English speaking support, so if there are problems with your bike or for you, then there is someone there to help you.

If you’re reasonably fit, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy our cycling holidays – promise !

All our cycling holidays and The Best Of The Pyrenees Coast-To-Coast By Electric bike

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