Five Things You Need to Know About Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing  is an ecologically sound winter sport which is is enjoying a rapid growth in popularity. 

This form of hiking that has its origins in the distant past , thousands of years ago the technique was used by hunters to move easily over the snow in search of prey.

If you imagined it was still about struggling through the snow with tennis rackets attached to your feet then read on my friend - here are five things you really need to know about snowshoeing !


Enjoy walking through a snowy forest

1. It is a great way to exercise in winter

Snowshoeing is a low impact total body work out. It is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, working your legs, arms and core muscles but without the same danger of injury that is ever present when you ski or snowboard.

As with walking or running you can make it as hard or easy as you wish.

Add in more climbing or technical sections to work harder and burn more calories, or stick to flatter less challenging terrain for an easier hike.

Snowshoeing is also an excellent way of improving your balance and coordination.


2. The equipment is simple and modern

The snowshoe of today is lightweight and durable.

The frames are generally made of aluminium with nylon straps that go over the feet and behind the heel.

A snowshoe is a “flotation” system which spreads the weight of the body and prevents you from sinking into the snow.

In general the heavier the person the more snowshoe area is required.  Modern walking poles that you use to help with balance to distribute your effort are also lightweight and easy to manipulate.

Snowshoes attach easily to normal walking boots or warm waterproof boots.


3. Where you can go

One of the best things about snowshoeing is that it takes you off the beaten track.

You can explore so many places that are inaccessible without snowshoes, and therefore tend to be very tranquil and unspoilt.

Crunch through virgin snow, enjoy forest paths or mountain ridges while avoiding the crowds and mechanical ski lifts.

A note of caution through, you should never venture out alone and it is highly recommended that you snowshoe with an experienced guide unless you are very familiar with the activity and the terrain.


Have fun with a group of friends 

4. It is not expensive

For most people the cost of a ski pass will give them pause for thought.

Winter sports are notoriously costly, but snowshoeing much less so.

Apart from snowshoes and poles you need to dress in layers of the same sort of good quality technical clothing that you would use for hiking. No lift pass required !

Snowshoes and poles are provided on all Purely Pyrenees snowshoeing holidays.


5. It is great fun !

When all is said and done snowshoeing is fantastic fun.

Share the beauty of a snowy paradise with your group, enjoy the escape from the madding crowd and get an endorphin buzz from the physical activity.

The only thing left to do with the day is share a hot meal with your friends and recount the most memorable moments from your day on snowshoes.



The equipment is simple and lightweight


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