Culture and "Camino" : Guernica, Guggenheim & much more -John tells us about his recent trip

Hi John, as one of our growing number of Canadian clients you had a long trip over to visit the Pyrenees, can you tell me what made you chose our trip   «  Culture and "Camino" : Guernica, Guggenheim & much more » ?  

What made me choose this particular trip ?  I subscribe to British travel mag Wanderlust , and they had a short article on this particular trip as a short break (from the UK !).  I was thinking of retracing part of The Camino del Norte and this was a perfect addition to get me to Bilbao, while seeing more of the coastline !

Could you tell us what the highlights of this short break were for you ? 

Highlights… arriving in some of the small towns, ie Getaria, and enjoying the ambience. The wonderful views from clifftops... the solitude of gazing out to sea with a constant breeze in your face... the Flysch formations... arriving and staying at the Castillo de Artiega.


This trip includes the possibility of visiting several museums, did you find these visits interesting ? 

The museo de La Paz was interesting, I was not aware of the tragic history of Guernica. The outside of the Guggenheim (designed by Gehry, a Canadian !) was spectacular… unfortunately I am not a fan of many forms of the modern art inside... The Balenciaga museum and the replicas of cave drawings held little interest for me.


How was your first experience of taking a self-guided walking holiday with Purely Pyrenees ? 

The whole experience was great. The organization by Purely Pyrenees was first rate… even the one time I had to call for help (taxi connection), everything was handled well. This was my first self guided walking holiday outside The Camino Frances… most enjoyable, will do it again, and recommend to others !


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