Better Together: Walking & Water

The Pyrenees are significantly warmer and drier than the Alps – especially in these climate changing days when farmers are introducing irrigation schemes that a few decades ago would have been thought jokes.

But the water we are talking about is not water that falls on your head – unless, of course, you are standing under a waterfall – but one of the great and defining joys of the Pyrenees – the streams, rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, and seas that almost every day of every walk includes.

We have the privilege of having not one but two major seas, each offering very different delights, but both offering surprisingly unspoilt villages and fishing harbours as well as excellent – and not too demanding - coastal walking and cycling.

We have our Lakeland in the central Pyrenees with literally hundreds of lakes, and upto 14 in just one day’s walk! Then we have our streams running down valleys into villages, which paths often run beside, plus valley lakes and rivers, and, finally, the superb Canal du Midi – perfect for an easy cycling holiday.

That’s why we believe you’ll find water and walking – and cycling – have never been better together.

Neouvielle Cerdagne