We Actively Support Responsible Tourism

Back in 2009, La Balaguère was a founding member of the leading French organisation for responsible tourism, Action for Responsible Tourism, and received its certification then committing it to taking positive actions to protect the environment. Consequently :

  • Purely Pyrenees is engaged in local development in the Pyrenees including local recruitment, training staff in terms of responsible tourism, using local service providers, and actively and financially supporting local development
  • Within our offices, we have adopted an environmental policy that includes the use of environmentally friendly products, controlling consumption (water, electricity, etc.), recycling, and introducing a car sharing system within the company
  • Our commitment is also evident in that almost all of the holidays can be reached by train. We try to limit car use, and give priority to less polluting means of transport – not least walking and cycling !
  • For customers, we provide clear and transparent information, promote responsible tourism, provide information on the local environment, heritage and culture, and welcome customer observations and suggestions.

sustainable tourism