Travelling in Europe after Brexit - Advice for UK citizens

If you are travelling to Europe before 31st October 2019 then there is nothing to worry about, all rules and regulations remain as they were. 

As it is not clear yet whether the UK are going to leave the European Union with or without a deal we understand that, if you live in the UK, you may be reluctant to book a European holiday that starts after 31st October 2019. From all the research we have done we believe that UK citizens can still book holidays in the Pyrenees with confidence, here's why : 

  • If the goverment agrees a deal to leave Europe everything will stay the same in relation to travel during the transition period

  • If the UK leaves Europe without a deal,  the European Parliament has agreed that UK citizens can travel and stay in Europe without a visa for short periods (up to 90 days in any 180 day period ) 

  • The UK government and the EU have ratified that flights between the UK and the EU will remain unaffected in the event of a no deal Brexit 



If you are travelling to Europe after 31st October 2019, and there has been no deal,  there are some important changes that you need to take note of  in regards to your passport, your healthcare, driving and pet travel. The government has issued information and advice for British Nationals travelling to EU / EEA (European Economic Area) countries thereafter in the event of a ‘no deal’ withdrawal.

Driving licences

As it stands at the moment you don’t need an additional licence to drive in the EU, as long as you have a full UK driving licence,  This will change in a no-deal scenario for certain countries.  After 31st October 2019 in France and Spain, depending on your length of stay, UK licence holders may need to apply for an International Driving Permit.   

Full details about International Driving Permits, including what permit you need for each country can be found at 

If required, International Driving Permits cost £5.50 and are available directly from the Post Office. The Government is also advising that you will need a GB sticker for your car when driving in the EU after Brexit.



After Brexit you will not be able to use the pet passport scheme that currently exists. Instead you’ll need to follow a different process, which takes 4 months.

more information is available here




In the event of a no-deal Brexit the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which allows any EU citizen to access state medical care when they are travelling in another EU country, will no longer be valid.

When travelling in the Pyrenees ( France and Spain or beyond) it is important you take out travel insurance and check that it covers your current circumstances, including any medical conditions. If you have an annual policy, make sure you check the Terms and Conditions and contact your insurance provider if you’re not sure.

more information is available here 



Walking and cycling holidays