Purely Pyrenees is based in the French Pyrenees and we offer trips in France and Spain. A huge amount of our customers come from the United Kingdom...
Rising to heights above 3000 metres, this magnificent mountain chain forms one of the world’s natural borders between the European countries of France and Spain.
This modern phenomenon that has changed the face of cycling and cycling holidays, but how much do you actually understand about E -bikes ?
If you love walking in the great outdoors and are thinking of including some easy, or not so easy, hiking in your holiday plans this year, read about two areas in the wider Pyrenees that you may not have discovered yet. Definite hidden gems.....
Sheila and Heather from Canada tell us about why they enjoyed their recent walking holiday in the High Pyrenees, they took our World Class Journey to the Heart of the Pyrenees
Snowshoeing is walking in winter, it’s as simple as that. If you imagined it was still about struggling through the snow with tennis rackets attached to your feet then read on my friend - here are five things you really need to know about snowshoeing !
As the winter weather draws in and the evenings become dark and rainy how would you like to dream of a break in the beautiful Pyrenees in 2020? Enter a competition for two people to win a walking holiday in the Val d'Azun with Complete France and Purely Pyrenees
Have a look at what independent journalists and writers have been saying about Purely Pyrenees and some of our Walking and Cycling Holidays
In winter, the clothes that you chose for walking are very important. Here are some tips to equip yourself properly on a hike, and to not forget the spares that you need in your luggage. It is important to distinguish between trips where you stays in the same hotel every night, where you move accommodation every night, or where you stay in a mountain refuge.
This is a question often asked but there is no one simple answer . The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St James, has a history that reaches back into the depths of time. It is also surrounded by myths, legends and stories…. Here we explore what we know about these ancients pilgrimage routes.
Mountain hiking, whether it is practiced in the summer or winter, is a physical activity and a sport in its own right. It is important that the walker has suitable material and a level of physical fitness conducive with the type and length of hiking to be undertaken. Here are some simple and practical tips about what to wear hiking and what equipment you should take with you.
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Details of our competition winners from January 2020
As you probably already know the Pyrenees form a natural border between France and Spain, with the little addition of Andorra tucked away in the middle. When it comes to the competition about who has got the biggest it turns out that Spain is the outright winner!
John walked from Getaria to Bilbao with Purely Pyrenees in early July, he tells us about his experience.
What to do in case of a storm in the mountains? What are the right things to do, and what should you avoid ? Discover our hiking tips.
If you are generally in good health, and your idea of the perfect holiday is not just to discover a new region, but to really soak it all in, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, even the feel of the earth beneath your feet and the new scent that teases your nostrils, then what could be better than a walking holiday ?
Are you already planning to visit Barcelona ? Of course there are many reasons why you would be, this Catalan city has so much to offer. A rich and diverse culture, the colourful Ramblas, the amazing architecture and cultural heritage, the Castellars, Gaudi, Puig I Cadafalch, the football, and I haven’t even mentioned the wine or the tapas !
On Christmas Eve you will have the opportunity to win a snow shoeing holiday in the wonderful Val d'Azun, free to enter !