Back from your travels

For us it is very important to know how your holiday with Purely Pyrenees went. We take the quality of our trips very seriously, we want to ensure that you experienced a good quality service, and if there are any issues we want to make sure we improve.  Sharing your thoughts also allows other travellers to make better informed decisions about a circuit that interests them.


What will happen at the end of your holiday ? 

Shortly after you return from your trip you will receive an email inviting you to send us your impressions, either in the form of a review for the website or just a reply by email for our own consumption.  If you have travelled as a group only one person from the group will be sent the email, but there is nothing to prevent anyone who has travelled with us from providing feedback, just make contact with your travel consultant or send a message to our general email account

All of our reviews come from clients who have travelled with us, the staff of Purely Pyrenees and it's partners are not authorised to submit a review, neutrality is sacrosanct. 

Traveller Reviews

The email that we send to travellers contains a link to an online form, on which you must provide: your first name,  your last name * and your email address *  (* not visible on the site), your date of departure, and a mark of 1 to 5 stars ( 1 disappointing, 2 mediocre, 3 average, 4 good, 5 excellent), the title of your review and a box for you to write your thoughts. For those who wish, photos and videos can be shared. You must be the author of your photos and certify to have the rights of diffusion.

-The traveller's review is immediately published on our site and visible to users without any modification.
-The rating of the opinion is immediately aggregated to the previous marks collected to form a new average for the trip. 

We keep all published reviews online, respecting our charter (see below), whatever their nature. It is possible that some of your remarks may relate to things that we cannot control (weather, air delays ...) or need clarification :  if that occurs we will contact you and we will write a reply which will be visible with the review.  

Traveller review must respect the charter below, otherwise we reserve the right to moderate them. We will then contact you to explain the reasons for the moderation and publish a new review in accordance with the charter.

Purely Pyrenees agrees to leave reviews on the site for a minimum period of one year. In the case of a substantial change of program or conditions of realisation of a circuit, we reserve the right to remove without delay the reviews corresponding to the old version of the circuit. 


Traveller Review Charter 

We are committed to publishing all traveller reviews, regardless of their nature, provided that they comply with the codes of conduct of our charter below:

  • your details (name, surname and email) must be correctly filled in, the pseudonyms are not allowed. (name and email will not be displayed on the site)

  • not to make any comment that is defamatory, offensive or aggressive or written in capital letters

  • no words or photographs that question the integrity of a person or a group of people will be accepted (pornography, racism ...)

  • no personal data should be disclosed in the title and text of your review  ( last names, local partners, accommodation, a fellow tour operator or travel agency, a website, phone number, e-mail or postal address, etc.). We reserve the right to remove this data automatically.

  • only one review can be posted per person per trip. The review must relate to the intrinsic content of the trip.

  • the review and photos must relate to the trip taken : Purely Pyrenees will systematically check that the writer of the review has been a traveller on the circuit mentioned.

  • the writer of the review authorises the highlighting of its content (commentary and photos) and undertakes to assign its copyrights to Purely Pyrenees. This assignment of copyright is confined only for the highlighting of his travel review. 


If you have any complaints, then do contact us immediately – especially during the holiday, so we can do something about it.

You can call us during your holiday on our 24/7 customer support number.

You can also contact us on your return :

By phone : 00 33 562 977 201

By email :

By post : Customer Complaints, Purely Pyrenees, Route du Val d'Azun - 65400 Arrens-Marsous, France