By David

"A real climb."

The Once-In-A-Lifetime High Pyrenees Walk

High Pyrenees

Departure date : 23/06/2018
Wehave been on a lot of walks where the baggage is transported for you, mainly in Italy. This was something different, a much more more challenging climbing/walk with spectacular views and good accommodation. What we would advise anybody who is contemplating this walk early in the season is to pre- check the snow conditions right at the top of the pass where you move from France into Spain. We encountered what is best described as an ice field sloping steeply away which could hve been disastrous if one had slipped. Had we checked beforehand we would probably have brought simple crampons. There was no way to go round the snow/ice field. The other thing we learned is that you rarely can get a signal for your mobile phone anywhere on the walks which makes the emergency phone numbers and taxi driver numbers rather redundant. It might be advisable to also have an emergency email address because that message would be picked up if there is a small window of signal somewhere along the walk. It's a fantastic journey.

Purely Pyrenees :

Thank you very much for taking the time to review your latest trip.
It’s true that this is a magnificent circuit, which passes through two sites reputed to be among the most exceptional in Europe ! 
Normally at this time of year the crossing of the Port de Boucharo does not cause any problems as the snow has already melted, however this year there was a lot of snow late in the season. 
It was because of this that we proposed the option of transferring you to Spain by vehicle. 
This route is passable when there is still snow present, but as you mentioned, it is more suitable for walkers who are accustomed to these conditions. 
We always remain very vigilant to ensure that we give our walkers the information they need, and please do not hesitate during any future trip you take with us to ask for fuller details of the latest conditions on the ground, and the level of aptitude required to complete the route without any concerns. 

With best regards